“A Parallel Mission To The Master”


Matt Geib



In the times when Jesus walked the earth, the Jewish nation, His followers & His Disciples completely missed the significance of His mission in coming to earth. They were looking for a King who would “liberate” them from Roman rule & set up an earthly Kingdom in which they, as the Jewish nation would rule the world.  But Jesus real purpose was to set men free spiritually in their hearts from sin and become ruler of their lives---something they did not understand.


Today in the 21st Century a parallel can be drawn to Jesus’ day in that most Christians are so caught up in seeking experiences, gifts, and various, “degrees of God’s Glory,” that they completely miss the real intent & purpose that Jesus has intended for their lives.

We have been called by Jesus to show forth our love for him not so much in seeking esoteric experiences of Him in a so called state of ‘Glory’ but rather by the laying down of our lives to others in sacrificial love in practical ways to meet others needs. Truly as Jesus has said, “By this shall all men know that you are my disciples, that you love one another.”   





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