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How is Jesus the ‘Root & ‘Offspring’ of David?


By Craig Bluemel



From: Steve

To: craig@bibleanswerstand.org

Subject: root and offspring of David



Hi Craig,


I am sending this to you and wondered if you had anything you might add to or take away from it.  I did my own study on this and wondered if you had any info that would help to show Jesus as man is the root and offspring of David.  I was thinking maybe you had some tools that I might not have to even make this clearer.  I have not seen anything on your site concerning this subject.


Hope your doing well. God bless you my brother.






Craig’s Answer:



Hi Steve,


From my many studies involving the messianic, prophetic relationship between David and Jesus, I discovered that from the very first time Yahweh gave him the prophetic promise concerning his ‘descendent’ David understood this to mean a ‘spiritual’ and future descendent, not a literal blood and relative descendent.  The same holds true with the building opf the Temple; David knew from the onset, that Yahweh cannot be found in buildings that men’s hands construct.  I would probably describe root and offspring as follows:


“Root” of David = the root of what David believed concerning Jesus as his promised, future ‘descendent, who would ascend the TRUE throne (not an earthly throne), seeing that David wrote the psalm that says, “The Lord (Yahweh) said to MY (David’s future Lord) Lord, sit here at My (Yahweh’s) right hand, until…”


i.e. the ‘root’ of David meaning therefore that Jesus is what David initially envisioned when he was given Yahweh’s promise concerning his ‘descendent’


“Offspring” of David = Not as flesh & blood relation, but Jesus the man, once resurrected, then glorified, as glorified MAN becomes the first and the authoritative ‘shoot’ or ‘offspring’ of David’s spiritual ‘descendents.’  In other words, ‘offspring’ refers to the actual fulfillment of the promise, whereas ‘root’ refers to that which David envisioned in his spirit concerning the man that Yahweh would raise up in the future, to rule in righteousness forever.


That’s the quick answer. For more in-depth study, here are links to other studies that I’ve done on this topic:



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I hope this helps.


Love ya,




Craig Bluemel

The Bible Answer Stand Ministry

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