A Constellation of False Doctrine Part Five


By Kenneth James Solheim Th.B.


In an earlier debate concerning the Trinity and Oneness doctrines, I raised the issue that one reason I reject the doctrine of the Trinity is that there is a huge constellation of false doctrine orbiting it. It was after this debate that I decided to make a list of the different false doctrines that have been given birth because of the Trinity doctrine.    Kenneth James Solheim Th.B.


Number 5 A Harrowing First Day for Little Miss Martha Truth at Holy Trinity Christian School.

Kenneth James Solheim Th.B.                                   

Imagine this possible scenario, our little female protagonist, Miss Martha Truth, all dressed up in new cloths and anxious to begin her first day at Holy Trinity Christian School.  She is standing outside of a very solid looking wood door with the school’s principle standing beside her with the principal’s hand lying gently on the fidgeting child.  After looking down and smiling at Martha, the principal gently knocks on the door and is answered with an immediate buzz of little voices from within.


As Mss Truth watches the door open, she can see a kind looking young lady within saying, “Now class, behave…”


“Mss Tacken, this is Miss Martha Truth.  She’s new to our school and today is her first day.  I know that I am leaving her in loving and capable hands.”  With that the principal looks down into the timid young face and smiles again and says, “Miss Martha, allow me to present Mss Tacken.  She will be your teacher for the remainder of this term.  And these,” with that the principal makes a wide sweeping motion with her hand towards the class, “will be your fellow classmates.  Don’t be afraid now and do your best.”


Later that day…


Mss Tacken – “Now Martha, if you have one apple, and if James, over there in the first row, has one apple,            AND if Sari, behind you, has ONE apple, how many apples are there?”


Martha – “hum…three?  Three apples?”


Mss Tacken – “(Chuckle)…oh no dear…ONE, one was the answer I was looking for.  Just one.  It is a compound unity...oh foolish girl.”

At lunch, a puzzled looking Martha walks over to the Holy Trinity Espresso Cart located in the church lobby…


Martha – “Oh…ah one mocha, please?”


To Martha’s surprise the Barista hands her THREE mochas.  Martha asks for a cardboard carryall and walks away from the Holy Trinity Espresso Cart, looking for two new friends who will help her to consume her mocha.


Still later…


Mss Tacken – “Let’s try that troubling problem again, shall we?  Now, if you have one apple, and if James has one apple, and if Sari has one apple, how many apples are there?”


Martha – “One!”


Mss Tacken – “Oh, Martha!  You are such a delightful girl.  No, dear, there are nine apples. Can’t you see that?  One compound unity, plus one compound unity, and plus one compound unity equals NINE!”


When Martha’s Mother arrived to ferry home her little charge she encountered a bewildered looking child.  Martha, “Did you have a nice day….?”


Without comment, Martha slipped unto the passenger front seat of the family car, put on the seatbelt shoulder harness, spread out her pretty new skirt and sat passively with her little hands folded in her lap. 


“This is not my Martha,” thought Mrs. Truth.  “Martha…”


“Mrs. Truth!  Yoo-hoo, Mrs. Truth?!  Mrs. Truth.”


“Martha, is she one of your teachers?”


“Oh, Mrs. Truth, I am so glad that I caught you.  I am Mss Tacken, your daughter’s teacher.  I hope that later we might get together…”


“Is something wrong?” asked Mrs. Truth.


“No, no, no…I just like to get together with the parents of all my young students.  But there is something that the principal asked me to speak to you about…mnnnn.”  With this Mss Tacken replaced her cheerful countenance with a seeerrriiiooouuusss look.


Mrs. Truth glanced quickly towards little Martha, with panic on her face as if asking “WHAT DID YOU DO?”  Martha, equally stunned, hunched up her little shoulders ever-so-slightly, her eyes as big as saucers and blurted out, “I didn’t do anything….”


“Mrs. Truth,…Oh, I just don’t know how to put this…You may not remember this but I was in the office area when you came in and enrolled Martha,” said an embarrassed


Mss Tacken.  “The principal and I were just wondering when will you bring in your other two children.”


“The other two children?  I am afraid….that….I do not understand?”


“Well, when you came in you said that you were enrolling one child into our school. 

Well, we have all met Martha here and we were just wondering….”


“Mom,” shouted Martha, “Mom!”  With this, little Martha leaned over, quickly, towards her mother and clasped her arm.  “Mom.”  Catching her mother’s eye, Martha slowly and deliberately said, “Mom, just smile and drive away.  Mom, please, just smile and drive away…”


Recently, I took another look at Carl Brumback’s book, God in Three Persons.   Mr. Brumback’s first argument in support of the “Biblical” doctrine of the Trinity is that “one”, in the Bible, does not always mean “one”, sometimes it is a “compound unity” (another non-Biblical, manufactured word and concept!)


I just wanted to make the point that “one” always means “one”, even in the Bible, imagine that.  Can you imagine what it would be like if one did not mean one?  We could have no confidence in any of our understanding of the Holy Scriptures.  For example, Jesus taught that in three days His body would be raised from the dead.  What does that mean if we had no confidence as to what the meaning of the word and concept of “one” was.  Or, consider End Time Prophecies, in Revelations we read that after three days the bodies of the two witnesses will rise up.


What about in the Historical records?  For example, “So he (Naaman) went down and dipped himself seven times in the Jordan, according to the word of the man of God; and his flesh was restored like the flesh of a little child, and his flesh was restored like the flesh of a little child, and he was cleaned.”  2 Kings 5:14


What if you were Naaman?  How many times?  Seven…how many is seven if one does not always mean one in the Bible?”  What if one of the seven ones in the instructions from the man of God was a “compound unity”?!  Or, what if three of the ones of the original seven were to be considered a “compound unity”, then what?


This is why I hate the non-Biblical doctrine of the Trinity.  As all false doctrines, there is a constellation of untruths born out of it.  For example, according to some Trinitarians, Jesus is the second person of the Trinity, co-equal, co-eternal, etc, etc.  According to some Trinitarians this second person of the trinity laid down his godhood and was born a human to eventually die on a Roman cross. 


But, the Bible teaches that God is immutable, unchanging, everlasting, the same today and everyday.  We can have confidence in His love for us for it will not change.  Salvation is assured; the penalty for sin has been paid.  God will not change His mind and demand something else.  God has said that He loves us and we can have confidence in that BECAUSE HE CHANGES NOT.


It is time to lay down the lie.  It is time to return to the Holy Scriptures.  Why invent new words, terms, and concepts when what God has said is Truth? 


“One” in the Holy Scriptures means just that, one.  Five times the Bible teaches that there is One God, not tree persons in one, or a “compound unity”.  Six times the Bible teaches us that God is One, not “three in one”.


The evolution compromisers, the “Christian Evolutionist” call in question the meaning of the word “day” in the book of Genesis and the Trinitarians call into question the word “one”.


There is only one God and He is One.


“Thy testimonies are wonderful; therefore my soul observes them.  The unfolding of Thy words gives light; It gives understanding to the simple.  I opened my mouth wide and panted, for I longed for Thy commandments.” Ps 119:131 (Amplified)



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