Defining the Exact Nature of the Sin

By Craig Bluemel


This is a simple truth.  It is based in the following precepts of scripture that described the nature of God, the nature of Jesus, and the nature of mankind.


God impartially loves all people and does not wish anyone to perish. 2 Peter 3:9


It’s never too late to find God’s mercy thru forgiveness as long as you still have breath and the capacity to choose.  1 John 1:6-10


Jesus Christ (presently) in his glorified state of being IS the “Holy Spirit.”  John 14:26-27


Blasphemy defined from the Greek is the use of slander to make one’s thoughts publicly known in an attempt to ruin the good name and reputation of someone else in order to hinder them.


Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit is publicly slandering Jesus Christ in an attempt to  ruin his reputation as God’s propitiation for sin, thereby hindering others from coming to the Father thru him.


The Jewish leaders (scribes & Pharisees) blasphemed the Holy Spirit (i.e. – Jesus) when they paid the Roman soldiers guarding Jesus’ tomb, bribing them with money to spread a vicious rumor that Jesus’ disciples had stolen his body, and that God had not resurrected him from the dead.


S        The Jews did this evil deed even though God the Father, thru His son Jesus, provided them with the miraculous “sign” of Jonah (i.e. – the resurrection), which they mockingly requested from him, and did so even after witnessing him heal the blind and deaf man.


S        The reason this is considered blasphemy of the Holy Spirit is because Jesus had warned them about the evil spirit (“strong man”) that would return, and if he found their heart still swept clean, and void of life from God, they risked becoming bound by seven more evil spirits, stronger in might than the first evil spirit.  Even though these Jewish leaders had the choice to repent, their evil by choice had taken them so far into darkness, they did not seek salvation thru Jesus as the “way” to God, but perished in their sins.


LESSON LEARNED: Do not fight against God or against Jesus, especially do not ever slander their reputation, and thereby hinder others from coming to the way, the truth, and the life.  If you have done this, and you still have opportunity to choose, then right now, choose this day whom you will serve, and if it is God, thru Jesus Christ you will find forgiveness of sins. 



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