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Nita's Nook

Debra Rae

  • Books and video that equip 21st - century believers with concise, in-depth information on multiple ways deception has infiltrated the global community, Western culture, and even the Church. Debra Rae's work offers sound instruction and biblical perspective--always seasoned with hope. Her books are essential reading for the well-informed Christian.
  • The Octopus Chronicles
  • The Hijacking of State Schools
  • Go to Debra Rae Books

Matt Geib

Unknown Author

  • Although the author of this article is unknown, it is well written, soundly researched, and thought provoking.
  • God and the Trinities

David Smith - Wise Dyes Christian T-Shirts

  • David Smith's Wise Dyes are one of the most original lines of Christian T-shirts available today. All of their T-shirts are hand dyed and screen-printed on high quality heavyweight 100% cotton garments. The colors are deep, rich and long-lasting. Their designs are Biblical, positive and original. They are Craig's favorite Christian T-shirts.
  • Go to the Wise Dyes Website

Tom Heiden

  • Tom Heiden and his wife and children are very dedicated born-again Christians. They are not your average goody-two-shoes self-righteous type, but down in the trenches slugging it out in spiritual warfare believers. You will enjoy Tom's refreshing and outspoken approach to areas of Christian living that need to have a button pushed now and again.
  • The Devil’s Show: Some Very Important Issues Every Christian Should Consider

Kenneth James Solheim Th.B.


Sylvester Okidi Kimasia

  • Sylvester Okidi Kimasia is a pastor of a small church and orphanage in Eldoret, Kenya. Poverty, rampant disease, including AIDS, which kills entire families that have become Christians, reminds us that faith is more than one’s “entitlement” to selfishly “claim” Bible promises, but the hope in God is trusting Him to sustain ijn the midst of affliction. See photos, hear live audio, and if you feel led of God, contact him by email.
  • Go to The Philadelphia Tabernacle Web Site

Cristian Secrieru

  • Cristian Secrieru is a native born Romanian Christian who has witnessed the transformation from brutal persecution of Communist controlled Romania, to a country now reaping the consequences of years without God. His message is directed at pastors and his heart is to see them give their leadership into God’s control.
  • Go to The Pastor’s Site

“Keepers” Cards by Lorri

  • Providing encouragement and blessing through cards made by hand, there is no other site that has personally touched me like this one. Lorri has a gift that is heaven sent and her cards are like no other you will EVER see. They are, as the name implies, “Keepers,” because they’re not just cards… they’re love letters from Jesus in card form. A must see site for anyone seeking to console a loved one with the message of God’s tenderness and love.
  • Go to The “Keepers” Cards Web Site

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