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Bible Study
  1. Brief Review of Applied Hermeneutics
  2. How to do a Study of Scripture
  3. Is Scripture the Best Interpreter of Scripture?
Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit
  1. Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit…What Does it Mean?
  2. What Is Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit? - ADDENDUM
  3. Q & A Series: In Matthew 12:32 what does it mean to ‘speak against’ the Holy Spirit? ?
  1. No One Knows the Father
  2. Does God Know Every Future Event Before It Happens? Part One
  3. Does God Know Every Future Event Before It Happens? Part Two
  4. The Origin of the English Word for God - Part One
  5. The Origin of the English Word for God - Part Two
Healing & Miracles:
  1. Charismania, Healing and Reality
  2. Healing: Is it Always God's Will?
  3. In Good Health or Uncorrupted Doctrine?
  4. Suffering is God’s Will for the Faithful
  1. Biblical Perspectives
  2. Jesus is the "Gift" of the Holy Spirit:
  3. Jesus…Our Sympathetic High Priest:
Salvation, Heaven & Hell, Angels & Demons:
  1. Biblical Perspectives
  2. Rethinking The Fall Of Lucifer
Speaking in Tongues and Assorted Holy Spirit Studies
  1. Speaking in Tongues: A Practical, In-depth Study:
  2. Speaking in Tongues: Jesus is the "Gift" of the Holy Spirit:
  3. Speaking in Tongues: “I Thank God I Speak In Tongues” 1 Corinthians 14:18:
The Trinity:
  1. A Cult is Not Rejecting the Trinity or the Deity of Christ
  2. His Majesty King Jesus
  3. The Alpha and The Omega: Contradictions of UPC and Trinity Doctrines
  4. How God Conceived Jesus in Mary’s Womb
  5. Understanding the Trinity
  6. 1 Timothy 2:5 The Man Christ Jesus (Comparing the Athanasian and Nicean Creeds to the Scriptures)
  7. Jesus is the Magistrate
  8. The Alpha and The Omega: Contrasting God and Jesus in Revelation Chapters 1 through 5
  9. “Before Abraham Was Born, I Am” - Understanding John 8:58
  10. Did God Forsake Jesus on the Cross?
  11. Greek Philosophy and the Trinity
  12. In The Beginning Was The Word – The True Meaning Of John 1:1 "
  13. Isaiah 7:14 Explained - "Immanuel, God With Us"
  14. Isaiah 9:6 Explained - "The Mighty God & Eternal Father"
  15. Is Jesus Christ To Be Worshipped As God? "
  16. Jesus Became The Only Begotten Son of God AT THE RESURRECTION
  17. Jesus, Descendent Of David,Resurrected Seed Of God
  18. “Let us” in Genesis 1:26 is NOT the Trinity
  19. Comments On 1 Timothy 3:16
  20. John 1:1-18 Retranslated: With Translation Notes
The Church
  1. Biblical Perspectives
  2. Church Leadership:
  3. Communion
  4. The Vision of the Church in Philadelphia:
  5. Women and Men ARE Equals in Jesus Christ
Family Relationships
  1. Biblical Perspectives
  2. A Little Chat for Husbands
  1. Biblical Perspectives
  2. Tithing:
NUGGETS: Brief Studies on a Variety of Topics
  1. NUGGETS #1: In The Last Days Knowledge Will Increase
  2. NUGGETS #2: Debunking The Prosperity Teachers
  3. NUGGETS #3: Retranslating Ezekiel 28:15
  4. NUGGETS #4: Understanding Philippians 2:6
  5. NUGGETS #5: Pragmatic Steps To Finding The Truth
  6. NUGGETS #6: Agape and Phileo Part One
  7. NUGGETS #7: Agape and Phileo Part Two
  8. NUGGETS #8: The Sheep and the Goats
  9. NUGGETS #9: 24 Beautiful One Liners
  10. NUGGETS #10: Defining Grace
  11. NUGGETS #11: For the Musician - Psalms 116 with Phonetic Emphasis
  12. NUGGETS #12: The Origin of the Word ‘Rapture’
  13. NUGGETS #13: What is the meaning of the lamps used by the five foolish and the five wise virgins?
  14. NUGGETS #14: Who or What is the Elijah to come?
Practical Christian Living
  1. Biblical Perspectives
  2. Understanding The Prophetic - A Series For The New Covenant Believer
  3. When The Perfect Comes: A Practical, In-Depth Study of 1 Corinthians 13:10
Assorted Studies
  1. The Age of the Grand Canyon
  2. The Appropriate Translation
  3. The Cardinal Law of the Roman Catholic Church
  4. Defining The Meaning Of Discipline In The Original Languages Of Greek And Hebrew
  5. Do Animals Go to Heaven?
  6. Does a Pig Know a Pearl's Value?
  7. Easter: Should Christians Celebrate Easter?
  8. Examining Psalm 110 in the Hebrew Text
  9. Lessons From the Garden
  10. The Manchild Ministry
  11. The Most Important Gifts
  12. Nephilim, Aliens, The Lord of the Rings & Tyrants
  13. The Two Witnesses
  14. The Violent: The Kingdom of Heaven Suffers Violence
  15. Why Should I Believe In A God Who Doesn’t Seem To Help Me?

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