What Is Speaking In Tongues? Part Eight

Testimonies of Glossalaliá


Craig Bluemel


Testimonies of Glossalaliá

Matt’s Testimony


I wanted to write and let you know how blessed I have been to read & learn from your series on speaking in tongues. It is so wonderful to receive insight from such practical teaching on a subject that is so misunderstood by the majority of the Body of Christ. 


This revelation is so profound, not just because of newfound truths on glossalaliá, but because you also make it so very clear, as to how to then apply these principles to ones' daily life; frankly, in my mind Biblical 'Revelation' is useless if it does not bring about life-transformation.


Your teaching on this previously 'mystical' subject is what I would call, ‘Easy as A-B-C.’  That is, I clearly see the truth and its intended purpose in scripture, I then know how to clearly apply it in my life, and then almost immediately when I act on this truth I can see the result.


In regard to a couple of these truths I would like to make some observations that have greatly affected me and given me powerful, life-changing results in my daily walk with Jesus.


1) Acts 2:4


They began speaking = as you have stated, it is us or in that case the disciples who had to initiate the praying or speaking (God will not come & force our mouths open.)


As the Spirit (that is Jesus, the Parákleetos) gives the utterance


In other words it is my regenerated spirit praying to God, but as you have so clearly revealed Jesus comes along side me and inputs my spirit with things to pray that I could not think of or fathom.  This last point about Jesus helping or inputting my prayers is what is so powerful. Most Christians think it is God praying to God, or some such as myself felt it was my spirit praying to God, but you take it even further to actually show that it is Jesus the Parákleetos coming along side my spirit to help me (my spirit) pray effectively.  This is truly a powerful POINT!


Now when I pray in my own English language & then begin to intercede (by faith) in the Spirit (i.e.- 'my prayer language') for a particular need, I am truly impacted and sense as never before Jesus my Brother & mediator, "coming right alongside," me, to help out, fill in the blanks, offer encouragement in bleak situations, and even take over in intercession for me and take my prayers far beyond where my finite mind could ever imagine going!


Even as I write this I sense a whole new realm in regard to my prayer life!  Where once I was easily discouraged or distracted I am now excited as I enter into prayer because I know, beyond a shadow of doubt as I am willing by Faith just to open my mouth (that is just be available!) , Jesus will come along side me to empower my prayer and intersession.  I sense Jesus is drawn to this type of intercession like bees are drawn to honey!


Praying with this kind of knowledge is TRULY powerful and life changing both for me and those I pray for.  For the first time I can now, in over 33 years of having the blessing of Glossalaliá, see REAL miracle, life Impacting results!  This kind of knowledge is like a wild fire within my Spirit, meaning the more I pray this way and sense and experience God's power flow through me in prayer the more I want  to continue to make my mouth available.


I find myself praying along with Brother Jesus' presence and help all throughout the day. Truly this is a major breakthrough for me spiritually as I had never been much for prayer, as I found it difficult & boring to focus.   But now this prayer life is one exciting experience after another. 


Surely I am experiencing what the Apostle Paul meant when he said in Romans 10:17, "Faith comes by hearing & hearing the Word of God."  My faith has grown tenfold from the truths you have imparted; I am 'hearing' within my spirit and the proof is evident in powerful life-changing results! PRAISE GOD! Hallelujah! 


2) Acts 2:33-34


I like the phrase you retranslated concerning Jesus that says "...was given preference to fully participate in the promised operation of the spirit..."then... he distributed abundantly!"


WOW! Another powerful statement! I like to think of it like this: Because Jesus, as God's most loved and favored son, overcame sin and the grave, his heavenly Father gave him a special gift.  It is like saying, "Here Son, I give you Keys to your new car!"  This graduation gift is the car, but Jesus is the operator.  Jesus’ car is the operation of the Spirit in all fullness and power. 


Jesus has tested and put that, "New Spirit Car," thru its paces; then in turn, he hands the keys over to his younger brothers and sisters (us).  After Jesus gets his new spiritual car, he takes us for a spin, teaching us how to drive by hands-on demonstration of what he has learned & experienced.  Brother I'm climbing' in and goin' for a wonderful and powerful ride with my Brother Jesus helping' me along every mile & every turn! Wow! What a ride!


Thanks Craig, this teaching is invaluable to the Kingdom of God. As I ponder all your pain and agony, it compels me to 'intercede' with Brother Jesus all the more for you as I know powerful things await you!  Blessings Brother! 





Anita's Testimony


I got saved in Denver in December 1971 and spoke in tongues for the first time December of 1973.  My son was 11 months old and napping. My husband Charlie spoke in tongues the day before and I was immature & jealous because I was the one who got saved first.  Charlie took our son Tim and they went for a drive so I could be with the Lord.


I lay across my bed on my back feet dangling for 2 hours or more.  I had my arms up raised, was praying out loud telling my Beloved God how much I loved Him. I needed him, threw in a, “Hallelujah!” once in awhile, (like the Jimmy Swaggart tapes said to do). Then back to, “I love You Lord,” over and over and repeated it until I stammered and was flooded with the presence of the Lord.  This Presence was unlike I had ever experienced. My salvation was a flood of His presence for hours, but this exceeded even that! All the while my napping toddler slept, which was unusually long for him that day.


At that time, I saw my Lord dressed in regal attire in His position on the throne.  It looked all kingly, and yet He beckoned me to come and climb up on his lap. He let me know I was to come and tell Him everything; and I do ever since. Since I was raised by Mormon convert & a widow & had not known a father as a child growing up, I wept and told God I needed Him to teach me the intimacy of a Father/daughter relationship.


I told my friend Jill about my experience with God and she let out a whoop of "Yes!  We are to know Him as our Father! And go directly to Him.”  Since that time, I have always known God as my Father because of this experience. However, with limited knowledge of the Bible, I tagged the name Jesus on God the Father because of my doctrinal and church background. 


Years later, I realize the mistake I made.  I now come to God (Yahweh) the Father through Jesus, the perfected sinless sacrifice.  Jesus is my High Priest, and the Lamb OF God that takes away the sins of the world.  Now I see Jesus, sitting at the right hand of the Father, in a position I will never attain, because he is sinless, THE only begotten son of God and the last Adam, & our only mediator/access to the Father.


This is very difficult for me to fathom let alone express.  I fear God and want to get it right.  But I am to go to the same God Jesus always pointed his disciples and brethren to, and that is the, “Father."  I am excited for this newfound relationship, and as God leads, I hope to share more experiences in the future.


Your sister in Jesus’ name,




Gwen’s Testimony

Dear Craig,

Thank you for Part 5 of "What Is Speaking In Tongues." I have tried to put together my story of the, "speaking in tongues," experience, which you are welcome to use online if it is useful.


Going to a Pentecostal church with my parents, speaking in tongues was something that went on around me from an early age, so it was a perfectly normal thing that, "grown-ups," did in church. There seemed to be a few unwritten rules on the use of glossalaliá in our church. When someone stood up and spoke in a tongue, another person interpreted right away. If there was no interpretation, people looked suspiciously at the one who had spoken in tongues, and I used to think that meant that the person's message had not come from God, it was just something they had made up.

When I became a Christian at 19, also in a Pentecostal church, it was expected that after you committed your life to Christ you were baptized in water, and then you were baptized in the Holy Spirit. The Assemblies of God issued a little booklet entitled, "10 reasons why a Christian should speak in tongues." One of these reasons was that it was the initial evidence of baptism in the Holy Spirit. So there was a lot of pressure to encourage new Christians to speak in tongues. I was invited, along with some other new Christians, to the house of an older couple in the church, and they prayed with us.


With my eyes shut tight, and every muscle tense, I was determined I would speak in tongues that night, but nothing happened!  Another girl burst into a torrent of strange-sounding gibberish and I thought, "She's just making that up", (and to this day, I think she probably was). 


For me, it just was not going to happen when I was under any pressure, but happened much later, and in a very natural way, while I was praying aloud with a friend.  I have only prophesied in tongues twice, the first time in a house meeting and it took everyone by surprise, myself included.

On occasions, I have heard people "speak in tongues" and I have had a bad feeling about it, as though it came from somewhere other than God.  I don't speak in tongues very often myself these days, but I know it is still there as I sometimes hear the sounds bubbling away in my head and it gives me a wonderful, uplifting feeling! Is there such a thing as "thinking in tongues"? I think there must be, or people who are physically unable to speak would miss out on this lovely gift.




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